At the moment I love pastel tones, especially rose. You can put some rose lipstick or nude lipgloss on and wear a hairband in pastel colours. That looks phantastic. Do you like it?
Hairband: H & M 
Lipgloss: Victoria Secrets M 94 Slice of heaven
Lipstick: MAC Lustre Plink! AA1

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27 comments on “Rose

  1. Annika

    i love the new pastel trend!
    and so glad you’re taking to it :)


  2. Nici

    Der MAC Lippenstift gefällt mri sehr gut!
    Würd gern mal einen Swatch von der Farbe sehen! :)

  3. Julye

    cery cute pictures ;)!!

  4. Svenja

    i like it :))
    pastel colors are so cool for spring!
    hugs, svenja

  5. Vintage Diary

    Wunderschöner Blog:)
    Und tolle Bilder!

    Folge dir von nun an!:)

  6. Lisa

    Lovely Blog! Keep up the good work!! 😉

    Want to have a look at my recent Work I did for Tettnang? :)

    Have a nice Day! xx

  7. erika

    Lovely pictures :) Your blog is beautiful!

  8. Helena Resende

    Rose is one of my favourite colours :)

  9. Fydez

    Beautiful, love the shades of colors. X

  10. The Chic Sheet

    Beautiful color! Perfect for spring 😉


  11. Off Color

    oohhh, ich liebe mac lippenstifte!! xx

  12. Sheela

    Beautiful pictures!

  13. Luna S

    such lovely photos, thanks for sharing! x


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