Donuts are so delicious! I love them especially with chocolate!!

 You can see my new Starbucks cup. I think the design ís simply great. I love Starbucks so much. My favourite product is the caramel frappuccino. But  I also love the lovely cups with the special designs, which you can get in the several Starbucks cafes all around the world. Do you also collect Starbucks cups?

I bought the bag for the sweets, that looks like a newspaper in a really really awesome shop. You can find there sweet things for decorating and baking. I like this shop so much, because you can by there something special. The products are so lovely and it is always a special experience, when I bought something there. It is called the Backesshop. I More you can find HERE

cup: Starbucks
Bag of sweets: Backesshop

What you need:
3 eggs
260 g flour
130 g sugar
1 dash of salt
1 packet baking powder
1 packet vanilla sugar
5 tablespoons oil
1/4 l milk
How to do:
Mix the ingredients altogether and put it in the pans of the donutmaker. Bake them 7 minutes and then decorate the donuts with chocolate or powdered sugar or other stuff
Und so gehts:
Alle Zutaten verrühren und den Teig in die Förmchen im Donutmaker füllen und ca. 7 Minuten im Donutmaker backen! Die Donuts mit Schokolade oder Puderzucker oder je nach Geschmack dekorieren!