Hallo Ihr Lieben,
Mit leckeren frischen Erdbeeren in den wunderschönen Bechern von Greenwood kann der Sommer kommen! Jetzt muss nur noch die Sonne durchhalten und die Temperaturen klettern. Die süßen Becher mit den passenden Löffeln, die man auch natürlich auch als Eisbecher statt Obstbecher verwenden kann, könnt ihr beim Stöbern auf Backeshop entdecken! Viel Spass dabei!
Wünsche Euch einen wunderschönen Tag!
Hello my lovely readers,
The summer can come around, while I eat fresh sweet strawberries in amazing Greenwood cups! Actually the sun have to shine a little bit longer!
You can find the sweet cups, which you can also use for ice-cream with the appropriete spoons on the following page: Backesshop! Have fun!
Wish you a wonderful day!

Pink fish biscuits

I want to show you my new biscuit cutters of Backesshop and my recipe for pink fish biscuits.
What you need
500 g flour
250 g butter
250 g powdered sugar
2 eggs
1 packet of vanilla sugar
 a liitle bit lemon juice
strawberry jam
pink fondant
How to do
Mix butter and powdered sugar and put the eggs to the ingredients. Then add the eggs and the missing ingredients. Put the pastry in the fridge and let it cool for an hour. Rolle the pastry and cut with the fish biskuit cutter the biskuits and put it on a baking plate and bake it at 200 degree celsius 10-15 minutes in the oven. Then put some jam on it the the fondant.
Here you can get the funny fish biskuit cutters: Backesshop
Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday!

Summer Splash

The sun is shining! It is summertime! It is time for a summer splash! It is time for coloured lollies!
 I love these beautiful lollies. They look like umbrellas. You can order these lollies in different colours and they taste like peppermint or strawberry. You can also order a lot of more HERE
I also wanna show you my new MAC lipstick. Its is the Viva Glam Edition Nicky Minaj.  The perfect colour for summer!
lollies: Backesshop
lipstick: MAC Viva Glam Nicky Minaj
Happy Saturday!


Donuts are so delicious! I love them especially with chocolate!!

 You can see my new Starbucks cup. I think the design ís simply great. I love Starbucks so much. My favourite product is the caramel frappuccino. But  I also love the lovely cups with the special designs, which you can get in the several Starbucks cafes all around the world. Do you also collect Starbucks cups?

I bought the bag for the sweets, that looks like a newspaper in a really really awesome shop. You can find there sweet things for decorating and baking. I like this shop so much, because you can by there something special. The products are so lovely and it is always a special experience, when I bought something there. It is called the Backesshop. I More you can find HERE

cup: Starbucks
Bag of sweets: Backesshop

What you need:
3 eggs
260 g flour
130 g sugar
1 dash of salt
1 packet baking powder
1 packet vanilla sugar
5 tablespoons oil
1/4 l milk
How to do:
Mix the ingredients altogether and put it in the pans of the donutmaker. Bake them 7 minutes and then decorate the donuts with chocolate or powdered sugar or other stuff
Und so gehts:
Alle Zutaten verrühren und den Teig in die Förmchen im Donutmaker füllen und ca. 7 Minuten im Donutmaker backen! Die Donuts mit Schokolade oder Puderzucker oder je nach Geschmack dekorieren!


For the weekend I will show you the recipe of a mandarine-cream-cake. It is very fluffy, tastes delicious and is easy to handle!
What you need

4 eggs

125 g sugar

75 g flour

50 g starch


200 g whipped cream

1 packet vanilla sugar

250 g mandarines

How to do
Beat the eggs and the sugar until frothy. Then mix flour with starch and strain it through a sieve over the batter. Then fold it under. Put it on a lightly greased baking sheet and bake it 10 minutes at 200 degree. Then  slice it in two or three parts and put between every part the whipped cream with the vanilla sugar and the mandarines.


Push up cake pops

I have seen a very nice shop called Backesshop on one of my favourite blogs Liebesbotschaft. There you can get some sweet and very extraordinary things for decorating and especially baking. For example these
push up cake pops. I have to order it and will try it! The result I will show you in one of my next posts..

Auf einem meiner Lieblingsblogs Liebesbotschaft habe ich einen tollen Shop Backesshop entdeckt. Dort gibt es sehr süße Sachen zum Backen und Dekorieren. Unter anderem diese tollen Push up Cake Pops. Das muss ich unbedingt mal ausprobieren und werde Euch das Resultat zeigen…