For the weekend I will show you the recipe of a mandarine-cream-cake. It is very fluffy, tastes delicious and is easy to handle!
What you need

4 eggs

125 g sugar

75 g flour

50 g starch


200 g whipped cream

1 packet vanilla sugar

250 g mandarines

How to do
Beat the eggs and the sugar until frothy. Then mix flour with starch and strain it through a sieve over the batter. Then fold it under. Put it on a lightly greased baking sheet and bake it 10 minutes at 200 degree. Then  slice it in two or three parts and put between every part the whipped cream with the vanilla sugar and the mandarines.


Push up cake pops

I have seen a very nice shop called Backesshop on one of my favourite blogs Liebesbotschaft. There you can get some sweet and very extraordinary things for decorating and especially baking. For example these
push up cake pops. I have to order it and will try it! The result I will show you in one of my next posts..

Auf einem meiner Lieblingsblogs Liebesbotschaft habe ich einen tollen Shop Backesshop entdeckt. Dort gibt es sehr süße Sachen zum Backen und Dekorieren. Unter anderem diese tollen Push up Cake Pops. Das muss ich unbedingt mal ausprobieren und werde Euch das Resultat zeigen…