Pink fish biscuits


I want to show you my new biscuit cutters of Backesshop and my recipe for pink fish biscuits.
What you need
500 g flour
250 g butter
250 g powdered sugar
2 eggs
1 packet of vanilla sugar
 a liitle bit lemon juice
strawberry jam
pink fondant
How to do
Mix butter and powdered sugar and put the eggs to the ingredients. Then add the eggs and the missing ingredients. Put the pastry in the fridge and let it cool for an hour. Rolle the pastry and cut with the fish biskuit cutter the biskuits and put it on a baking plate and bake it at 200 degree celsius 10-15 minutes in the oven. Then put some jam on it the the fondant.
Here you can get the funny fish biskuit cutters: Backesshop
Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday!

10 comments on “Pink fish biscuits

  1. Bleudelavande

    They are sooo lovely and look soooo yummy!!!!
    Nice week.

  2. WohnLust

    Die sehen ja mal genial aus! Ich schmeiß mich weg. So was hab ich ja noch nie gesehen! Die sind echt obercool! Viel zu schön um zu essen.
    Echt genial….
    Hab noch einen schönen Abend!
    Liebe Grüße,

  3. colours-and-friends

    wow die sehen aber lecker aus
    Einen tollen Blog hast Du

    GLG Ilka

  4. Mouna

    These biscuits looks too cute and Ymmyy

  5. creativhochvier


    … Fantastic, must try the recipe !

    best regards

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