Cupcakes II

Selfmade Vanilla Cupcakes

What you need

125 g butter
125 g sugar 
2 eggs
200 g flour
50 g ground almonds
2 teaspoon baking powder
1 packet vanilla sugar
4 tablespoons milk

 200 ml whipped cream
50 g white chocolate
2 packets vanilla sugar
70 g creme fraiche
2 packets stabilizer for whipping cream
How to do

Mix the ingredients for the batter altogether and bake the cupcakes 20-25 minutes at 180 degree celsius (air circulation).
Then you have to mix the cream with the stabilizer for whipped cream and then fold in the other ingredients.
Put the cream with the decorating bag on the top of the cupcakes and adorn them with strawberries or other decorations.

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  1. Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar! Du liebst den Nagellack und ich diese leckeren Cupcakes;) Ich mach schon mal den Anfang beim Verfolgen;)

  2. hey youu 🙂 thanks for your comment. of course i will follow you, your blog is sooo cute!!
    do you want to link each others blog? i will take your blog into my list of favorite blogs on my sidebar..
    would make me happy if you do the same 🙂
    hugs and kisses from germany, svenja

  3. die cupcakes sehen aber auch echt gut aus 🙂
    klar haben wir lust!
    wir fangen dann mal an
    jetzt bist du dran 🙂

    lg jeanne, charlotte & lauren <3

  4. Danke 🙂 das ist ja auch Sinn der Sache, hehe 😀 Kann das aber bei diesem Anblick nur zurückgeben!!! Alle selbst gebacken?! So toll!!!!

  5. i just loooove cupcakes and the ones that you made looks delicous!!! And the are so cute! Thanx for visitning my blog, please come back when ever you feel for it (Often I hope). I have added myselft as a follower to your blog, feel free to add yourself on mine!

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